Journey of Life

IMG_0002Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim
In the name of God the most Compassionate, the most Merciful

Here are steps that you can take in your present life which will help you to access higher planes of awareness and which will enrich your understanding and allow you to enjoy the unfolding of the mystery which is both your universe and the macrocosmic universe manifesting the Divine Will, as it creates and destroys and creates in a passionate dance of creative force.

  • Allow the heart to be your guide.
  • Listen to the heart – between each breath there is the guidance of the heart. In the stillness, the silence, between each breath, there is a place of knowledge and guidance to be received.
  • Give freely of what you are given.
    Be fearless in offering to the world the gifts that you are given. This is a process of giving and receiving, of opening and closing, of inhaling and exhaling. It is a IMG_0367 woody pathcontinuous exchange of knowledge and love in a process of creation. Be a part of it. Enter in to it willingly and allow yourself to be guided and to taste its mysteries and its joys.
  • Take the time you need to explore your own creative impulses and gifts. These are rich avenues of creative insight which will lighten your heart and inspire you and amaze you with wonders and new horizons.
  • Lift up your heart in adoration and praise of God.
    Be thankful of your blessings. These activities cleanse the heart, lighten the soul, and further the experience of deep inner peace.
    Follow your footsteps, let your feet be guided, and take each step into the unknown with sureness. You can have faith and confidence that your path is sure, and filled with light, lit by a blessed light of divine guidance.
  • Your guide, and your guides, are with you, your angels are with you. All these benevolent beings from the world of spirit are keeping you safe and with love and gentleness are seeking to help you and make your journey as sweet and as profound as possible for you. Let them give you the gifts they bring. Praise God, give thanks for His mercy and compassion.
  • Take time every day to tend to your body’s needs and welfare, and take time every day to tend to your spiritual needs, your inner world. Tune in to your guides and your guide, and learn more and more how we speak to you and care for you, and love you.
  • Do not interpret life in the shadow of your ego but view it all in the light of the divine journeying of the soul. All your experiences are lessons, guidance, illustrations and IMG_0372 path in woodsultimately blessings because they are the fabric of your unfolding enlightenment.
  • Do not be afraid to teach and share what you learn. As we said earlier, life is a dual process, a two-way sharing of incoming and outgoing, like the waves breaking on the shore, and then receding, then coming in again. It is all the movement of life itself. Allow yourself to enter into this flow of life, this movement, this unfolding, and rejoice in it.
  • Put your hands together in a cup-like manner and see the light filling that cup and then rub that divine, healing light on your face and over your heart. It is healing, cleansing, opening you.
  • Finally, for this time, I leave you with one piece of advice for the immediate future – let your heart guide you, listen to it, and be very sure that if you do this, you will hear guidance. You will hear messages and the voice of guidance which will be very helpful to you, and illuminate your path.


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2 thoughts on “Journey of Life

  1. What a beautiful and inspiring sohbet, full of light and truth. Alhamdilillah!
    Sometimes this voice of the heart can be so subtle and gentle, like a small child, that it can all too easily be drowned out by the demands and clamour of the world around us or by our own frantic intellects and desires. Withdrawal from the world and from ourselves each day and occasionally for extended periods are invaluable and perhaps essential to help us reconnect and remain with our inner child. It is also most helpful to be surrounded by the beauty and harmony/unity of nature from time to time which can remind us of our own natural inner beauty and unity.
    To connect and remain with our heart, spiritual centre, guide, inner child, essence is the point of everything.


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