Love and Heart


Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim
In the name of God the Infinitely Compassionate, the Most Merciful

The way forward is twofold. On the one hand, develop an appreciation of the things which are of greatest good in guiding you towards the light.

Love is, of course, foremost. And love is expressed and experienced in many ways, great and small, throughout one’s daily existence. It is necessary at all times to be deeply aware of one’s heart’s centre for this is the seat of love and clairvoyance. So centre your experience on the voice of your heart, let your heart guide you moment by moment. Light-filled responses moment by moment will enable you to begin to truly understand how to navigate a path through daily activities which is heart-centred, heart aware.

The second most useful thing for you is to experience calm and empty space within yourself. This empty space can then be filled with images and visions and guidance through clairvoyance. Some of these images will not necessarily make intellectual sense or be apparent in their meaning to you now, but the meaning will unfold, and a language that you will come to understand, will develop like a mosaic of understanding, of knowing – and, in time, you will learn to trust these indications, these pointers of guidance, so that moment by moment your interior life will become filled not with emotional response but with intuitive insight instead. This becomes a much richer way to respond and live in experience, to take steps and to appreciate life’s richness of opportunity and creative potential.

Love is expansive and is an avenue whereby we can connect to the Essence as it pervades all of creation. Love is a fragrance or perfume which permeates everything, and is a guide to the Beauty which resides in the harmony or balance of the energetic world. As you relax, let go, and stand firm in openness, trusting your ability to swim with the tide of creative force, you will begin to experience what Love truly is. As you are vaguely aware, Love is the great secret of which the Sufis are cognizant. This knowledge of Love, the experience of Love, is the pivot or fulcrum about which everything turns. It binds all of creation in its unifying force. Hearts are bound to hearts and communicate by means of Love. It is the vital energetic link by which all of creation is united, and it provides a means of transmitting all knowledge or awareness or consciousness. It is the communication link that binds us all at all levels of awareness.

Finally, I urge you, adjure you, to enter into a state of surrender, peaceful and calm surrender – as if you were just flying freefall in the breeze of creation. Like a bird wheeling and lifting and falling and constantly responding naturally to the currents of air. In the same way, the soul of the Sufi lets himself be carried by the breeze of the Beloved. There is no safety-net for the bird wheeling on the breeze, there is no intent, there is no plan or even purpose, it is a pure response to the breeze. In a similar way, the soul of the Sufi responds immediately and spontaneously, without forethought or restriction or limitation, to the breeze of the Divine Beloved, wheeling, circling, rising, falling, and experiencing in his heart, that direction and impulse and unfolding which the Divine Guidance prompts and shows.Truly in this way the Sufi becomes “the son of the moment”, the king in the kingdom of his own world within, the master of his life, in surrender to his Lord at all times, the Ayaz to the Mahmud of his existence.

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, wa shukrulillah. Ameen.
(Praise be to God, praise be to God, praise be to God, and thanks be to God. Amen)

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